Mixed Pack – Ink, Ivy and Floral

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This limited edition pack contains

1x Floral Harper Bow

1x Ivy Knot Bow

1x Ink Molly Bow


Bow Sizes

Harper Bow: 8cm x 6cm

Knot Bow  8cm x 4cm

Molly Bow: 8.5cm x 3.2cm

Not sure the difference between Right & Left Clips?

Most of the time Right or Left doesn’t matter unless the fabric is patterned one way or the bow only sits one way and can’t be flipped (sailor/harper bow styles).

Right Clips generally sit on the right side of your head. Looking at the bow from the front, the clip will squeeze together to open on the right hand side.

Still not sure? email us shop@littlebowco.com.au


Additional information


Left Clip, Nude Headband, Right Clip


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